Activate the Learning
Side of Work

Turn on 70-20® Learning Anytime - Anywhere

Activate Workplace Learning With 70-20:

Activate Workplace Learning With 70-20:


Trigger action on learning, performance and business challenges.

Enhance social learning by collaborating on shared challenges.

Measure performance outcomes with an innovative evaluation process.

Activate learning by sharing photos, videos and links to document progress.

Demonstrate results and provide coaching with a simple web app.

70-20 Roles


Improve learning transfer and document program results with measurable outcomes.

Sponsor challenges for program groups and action learning teams.


Build capabilities, improve performance and expand support network.

Work on challenges related to programs, performance priorities and development.


Coach and support direct report development with a fast, easy and effective process.

Sponsor challenges to improve employee and team performance.

Learning, well applied, is the fastest way to improve
individual and organizational performance.

70:20:10 is a reference model describing how adults learn at work. The majority of learning happens through on-the-job experience and social interactions, rather than from formal programs. Our focus is making the 70-20 side of learning intentional and visible.

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Fort Hill Company is the leading firm specializing in learning transfer and 70:20:10 solutions for corporations and executive education providers.

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Fort Hill collaborates with innovative global consulting firms to expand our ability to support a diverse client base and help people around the world improve their capabilities and performance.

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70-20® Copyright © 2016 - All rights reserved

70-20® Copyright © 2016 - All rights reserved